What does a Terrace Windbreak/Patio Windscreen cost?

Written By Terrazzo
It is very difficult to give an exact price per metre because there are so many variations and styles to choose from. We have however worked out some approximate costs per metre, so at least you know roughly what cost is likely to be, before starting your project and receiving an official quotation.

PARIGI – Cost per 2 metres of screening
From £600.00 per / 2mtrs

ROMA, FIRENZE, VENEZIA, ALL SEASONS – Cost per 2 metres of screening
From £650.00 / 2mtrs

STAR UP & DOWN – Cost per 2 metres of screening
Semi-Automatic: From £1350.00 / 2 metres
Fully-Electric: From £1795.00 / 2 metres

TOTAL VISION – Cost per 2 metres of screening:
Mobile Version: From £630.00 / 2 metres
Fixed version: From £690.00 / 2 metres
Semi-Automatic version: From £1200.00 / 2 metres
Fully-Electric version: From £1695.00 / 2 metres