Firenze terrace screens have a wavy top line which look particular good in coastal locations! Available half-glazed or fully-glazed.

Stunning, yet robust and functional, the Firenze terrace screens are fully compliant with EU Safety Standards, and are available in a range of styles to suit all tastes and locations.

The sturdy aluminium frames come in standard colours or may be colour matched if required. The tough tempered safety glass can be clear, opaque or smoked and the lower panel can be glass or solid composite to match the frame.

Accessories include lighting, planters and menu boards, as well as eco-friendly heating. Branding or artwork can also be applied to the screens to really get you noticed.

5 year warranty on screen frames and main components!

Screen modules

Firenze with composite panel

Firenze module with composite bottom panel

Firenze with Glass panel

Firenze module with glass bottom panel

Firenze for wall

Firenze module on brick wall

Available Heights:

Available widths:


Why choose our windbreaks and terrace screens?


Napoli Planters with removable windbreaker outside restaurant seating area

Napoli Planter

with removable windbreaker

Nizza Planter

With flower box
Modular screen with menu board as part of terrace windbreak screening

Modular screen with menu board

Lantern street light accessory

Mounting Accessories​

Feet, couplings, lighting and more