Total Vision Semi-Automatic

Total Vision Semi-Automatic terrace screens

New modular fully-glazed structure that can be adjusted to two heights to guarantee maximum comfort whatever the weather, thanks to the patented semi-automatic movement.

Composed of two modules: one mobile and one fixed. The upper glass is adjustable  to the desired height.

To be fixed to the ground or to a technical floor.

The design and optical effect of the TOTAL VISION terrace screens enhance the elegance and transparency of the structure and your outdoor space.

An LED strip can also be installed at the base of the module to give a pleasant lighting effect to the terrace.

Technical information:

Screen modules

Total Vision Semi-Automatic 1800mm

Total Vision Semi-Automatic 1800mm module
Top section: 800mm
Bottom section: 1000mm

Total Vision Semi-Automatic 2200mm

Total Vision Semi-Automatic 2200mm module
Top section: 900mm
Bottom section: 1300mm

Available Heights:

Available widths:


Why choose our windbreaks and terrace screens?


Double Door Module 2200

Double Door Module

Installable between two 2500mm Total Vision modules

1200mm x 2200mm

Two doors that can open 90° internally or externally (set during installation)

Includes lateral lock in the profile and double handles inside and outside

Double Door Module 1800

Double Door Module

Installable between two 1800mm Total Vision modules

1200mm x 1800mm

Inward opening

Includes two side reinforcing stabilisers, side lock and double handles inside and outside

Screw covering floor profile with LED lighting

Floor profile with LED lighting


Screw covering floor profile

Cast iron or white

Upper Linear Connecting Bracket

Upper Linear Connecting Bracket

Radio Remote Control

Radio Remote Control

For turning on/off the LED lighting

One required for every 12 modules


Corner Kit

Complete with two connecting brackets and aluminium profile.


Top cover Stopper (Left and Right)


L-Shaped stabiliser


Two Virucidal antibacterial photocatalytic additive stripes

To apply or applied on the glass of the modules. These are very effective for sanitising the air inside terraces and verandas thanks to the photocatalysis.

Quantity: Two stripes per module

Dimensions: 50 x 1500mm

Including one 150mm sticker to indicate the use of the system to be applied in the dehors/veranda