Infrared Heaters

Effective and economical infrared heating providing outstanding comfort and instant warmth.

No one wants to eat or work in a cold environment and your business could suffer as a result. Infrared heating is an inexpensive solution, delivering instant comfort for your customers and staff, inside or out.

Shortwave radiant infrared heating works instantly without heating the air directly; this makes them effective, eco-friendly, and inexpensive to run. They also create far more comfortable entertainment, working and living conditions—with low, calculable running costs.

We supply radiant infrared heaters for outside patios and terraces, conservatories and poolside areas, workshops, industrial units, warehouses, garages and also around the home.

Can be used as:

Outdoor patio heaters

Terrace heaters

Conservatory heaters

Poolside heaters

Industrial unit heaters

Workshop, warehouse and garage heaters

Household heaters

Heliosa 9 2kW infrared patio heater + light reduction diffuser (off)

Heliosa 9 Series

2kW infrared heater with light reduction diffuser

Heliosa 11 compact electric patio heater 2kW + AMBERLIGHT

Heliosa 11 Series

2kW compact electric patio heater with AMBERLIGHT

Heliosa 66 Black 2.0kW infrared electric heater

Heliosa 66 Black

2kW infrared electric heater with innovative light filtering technology

Heliosa 993 3kW weathersafe twin patio heater + stand

Heliosa 993

3kW weathersafe twin patio heater + stand

Heliosa 994 2kW infrared electric patio heater + stand

Heliosa 994

Weatherproof infrared quartz halogen heater with stand

Ronda-Vu heated outdoor bistro table

Varma Ronda-Vu

High bistro table with canopy and PIR activated heaters