Total Vision Mobile

Total Vision Mobile terrace screens

All-glass modular free-standing partition.

The Total Vision Mobile modules are all-glass modular free-standing windbreaks, allowing you to close your terrace, leaving your outdoor space open, transparent and elegant.


Technical information:

Screen modules

Total Vision Semi-Automatic 1800mm

Total Vision Mobile module 1500mm

Available Heights:

Available widths:


Why choose our windbreaks and terrace screens?


Upper Linear Coupling

Upper Linear Corner Coupling

Upper Linear Corner Coupling


Two Virucidal antibacterial photocatalytic additive stripes

To apply or applied on the glass of the modules. These are very effective for sanitising the air inside terraces and verandas thanks to the photocatalysis.

Quantity: Two stripes per module

Dimensions: 50 x 1500mm

Including one 150mm sticker to indicate the use of the system to be applied in the dehors/veranda