StarUp&Down Flower

Modular windbreak that can be set at two heights to offer maximum comfort whatever the weather, thanks to the patented semi-automatic movement.

The StarUp&Down Flower consists of a module with two glass panes: a fixed lower one and a moveable upper one. The upper glass can be moved until it gets to a blocking stop and to raise it you just need to press the same glass downwards and it will automatically go up.

Flower boxes and benches can easily be attached to the module to complete the furnishing of the outdoor area.

Technical information:

Screen modules

1500mm high modules

Starup&Down Flower 1500mm high modules
Top section: 450mm
Bottom section: 1050mm

1750mm high modules

Starup&Down Flower 1750mm high modules
Top section: 450mm
Bottom section: 1300mm

Available Heights:

Available widths:


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