Heliosa 11 Series

Heliosa 11 Series 1.5kW and 2kW compact electric patio heater + AMBERLIGHT

Great for use on home patios, commercial terraces, under awnings, or as an interior heater for commercial spaces, where a subtle light output is required.

Heliosa 11/IPX5 is a patio heater and the smallest in our range at just 45cm wide by 12cm high. It is designed for use under awnings and parasols, but it also makes a superb inexpensive wall-mounted heater with all sorts of uses. Supplied with a neat G-clamp for fixing to awning and parasol frames plus a tilt and swivel wall bracket. It can be mounted in close proximity to awning/parasol fabric. In most cases, the awning or parasol can be closed with heaters in situ (when switched off and cold!). Use two for an awning up to 6m x 4m or up to 4 heaters for a 5×5 metre parasol or umbrella. Heliosa 11 is IPX5 rated which makes it safe for year round outdoor use in all weather conditions. Available in Carerra white or cast-iron grey. Stainless steel safety grille included.


Output: 1.5kW and 2kW
Heatable area: 7–9m² (1.5kW models), 12–14m² (2kW models)
Rec. mounting height: 2.0–2.3m
Rec. mounting angle: 45°
Throw: 3.0m (1.5kW), 3.5m (2kW)
3.0m (1.5kW), 4.0m (2kW)
Enclosure: Aluminium casting, powder coated with aluminium reflector
Colours: White and grey
Electrical supply: 220-240V ac 50/60 Hz single phase
Insulation: Class 1
Element life: 5000 hours (nom)
Dimensions: 45 x 19 x 12cm
Weight: 1.0kg
Cable: 3m cable (plug provided)
Other: Stainless steel safety grille; Tilt & swivel wall bracket.