Brezza Evaporative Cooler

A compact and environmentally friendly evaporative cooling for open and semi-open commercial spaces.

For cooling open or semi-open rooms by localising the cooling to the areas needed, with maximum efficiency and energy saving. The ultimate solution for cooling areas under tents, sails, parasols, as well as cooling bar and restaurant terraces.


Brezza evaporative coolers refresh the air by generating a comfortable microclimate, just as occurs in nature. The cooling effect is due to the natural process of water evaporation that carries away heat.

An environmentally friendly system that uses no refrigerant gas and consumes as little as a light bulb. Compact in design, this air cooler takes up little space and can be conveniently placed in corners without taking up too much room.

The only solution that has an antibacterial UV system for water sanitisation.


Power consumption: 350W
Airflow: 3500 m³/hr
Refreshed area: 60 m² approx
Water tank capacity: 40 litres